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Securing Income Independence For Single Mothers

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Are you looking for professional or expert advice in the area of digital marketing?  Small business start-up or any entrepreneurial journey becomes demanding.

We assist single mothers in scaling their business by using online marketing strategies .  This includes assisting business owners with narrowing their customer base to increase their profit margins.

Or, maybe, you have an established business and you have a desire to host a speaking event targeting world class leaders that  have the capacity to change the face of your company and will catapult your organization to the next level.


Being a creative person I often have several ideas running through my head. For years I’ve had what I believed to be amazing ideas for myself and my craft.  But with family, work, and other obligations, nothing came to fruition.

Then Maie Woods entered my life! With the aid of Maie Woods I was able to focus, put pen to paper and foot to pedal of my sewing machine. She made me aware of things that I was completely unaware of, such as Branding and obtaining an LLC, and walked me through those processes.
Without her aid my company, AGR Men’s Collection, which I launched February 1st of 2020, could still have been in the distant future.

I applaud Maie Woods and the service that Single Securities provides. Steel sharpens steel and she keeps me sharp and on top of my endeavors!


Lushana Williamson, Owner & Creator

AGR Men’s Collection

After much contemplation, I was ready to start my own business. I went to the one person that I believed had the same struggles/boundaries that I would face as a single mom wanting to become a successful business woman. Maie knew all of the questions to ask and was able to get the answers to my questions. She provided me with information to get my business legalized & always made herself available to guide me through my start up process. As a continuing  mentor, she always checks in to see how I am doing, if there is something I need assistance with & making sure that I remember my WHY!!!

LaToya Cox