3 Basic Steps For More Attractive Facebook Posts

So you’ve made the transision from regular Facebook user to Facebook marketing. Here are 3 ssteps you can follow to look more professional and attractive to your followers.

Step 1 K.I.S.S.

Try to keep your posts under 140 characters.  Followers will more likely read your entire post if they don’t have to “continue.”

If you are a blogger, create a teaser.  Make your post interesting using only 3-5 sentences.

Most Facebook users are mobile users.  Keep in mind they like to get straight to the point.

Step 2 Use Images

Including full photos tremendously increasing our engagement.

Be sure they are appealing & relatable.

If you are driving traffic to your blog or website, use a shortened link. (ie bit.y )  It is  a more appealing look.

Step 3 Engage

Don’t invite company to your house talk about yourself all night.

In other words, ask questions; Engage with your audience.

For example,

  •  If I’m a caterer and I post an article about Spring Party Appetizers, my question may ask “What’s your favorite spring time dish?”
  • Timing is everything.  Remember followers are logged on first thing in the morning, lunch time, and right after work.